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Joanna Millstein sitting on the edge of an icy crevasse

Spotlight: Sep 8, 2022

EAPS PhD student Joanna Millstein is studying glacier dynamics to clarify how melting ice sheets will affect the planet. “There’s huge uncertainty in all sea-level-rise predictions,” she says. “We’ve got to figure out how to narrow the error bars.”

Sep 8, 2022

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Lynn Yamada Davis dressed in red and white polka dots looking at a small cooking burner

Retired engineer Lynn Yamada Davis ’77, the social media personality behind the wildly successful “Cooking With Lynja,” was recently named one of Forbes’ 2022 Top Creators. Her online success has drawn 16 million followers on TikTok and YouTube.

A customized MIT Monopoloy game board

Via @MITEdgerton on Twitter: “Introducing: @MIT Monopoly! Designed by Interphase EDGE/x students Jenna C Blair ’26, Aliyah K Chutkan ’26, Brianna Roundtree ’26, and Pablo F Rodriguez ’26, this MIT-themed monopoly board lights up when properties are purchased.”

Ariel Furst with two students looking at a lab machine with many tubes coming from it

Carbon dioxide is available in abundance, but has not yet been widely used to generate valuable products. Chemical engineer Ariel Furst is leading efforts to employ biological materials, including DNA, to transform this widespread waste product.

Adorable illustration of student beaver holding a "first day" sign with Great Dome in background

Via @MIT on Twitter: “Have a great first day of classes, @MITstudents and @MITGradStudents. Let’s go!”

Hao Zhang standing outside at MIT

PhD student Hao Zhang has found that firms linked by supply chains — including those that cross borders — also share political goals. “Interests are blurred now,” he says, “because industries are interconnected by production relationships.”

Anne White potrait

Fusion physics pioneer and MIT climate change leader Anne White hopes to help “save the world with nuclear.”

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